This Week's Update - The Headlines

The revised council plan landed yesterday , Wednesday 30th January ,and I wish I could tell you that the issues we had raised individually or collectively had made a difference to the 'direction of travel'  Alas, it's not happening yet.  Here are the headlines:

  • If you were sceptical about the merit of four lanes squeezed on the east side off the Old Steine, there are now five!  More stop start traffic, buses in conflict with private vehicles, out of control weekend peak congestion - with noise levels doubled and lethal levels of air pollution guaranteed.

  • Princes Street reopened to Edward Street for no good reason 

  • All of our suggestions about mitigating the worst effects of separating Kemptown and the east side of the of the city from the rest - ignored.

  • No east / west pedestrian access across the Old Steine Steine between Edward Street and St James's Street.

  • The exit from one way Madeira Drive onto Duke's Mound - still a disaster foretold.

  • The proposed T junction in front of the pier remaining the sole point of seafront access for vehicles - cyclists and pedestrians in conflict - when better safer options have been suggested. 

The full report underpinning it can be found here.

With the Council Committee advancing this to the next stage taking place tomorrow week, it is important to make your ward councillors of whatever tribe know how you feel about this - come and join us in the cheap seats at Hove Town Hall - 4pm on February 7th.