The Valley Gardens Forum revised plan suggests four principal amendments to Brighton & Hove City Council’s ‘favoured’ Option 1

1. Retain the Old Steine west side bus lane.

  • The Council’s favoured Option 1 suggests merges all traffic on to the east side of the Old Steine.

  • Option 5 all keep shared taxis and buses in a dedicated west side lane and a connection from North Street to the rest of the city.

  • Option 5 also runs the dedicated cycle lane along the west side and through Pool Valley including a potential new 'cycle station' facility with kiosks and racks.

2. Retain a revamped Aquarium Roundabout and create a 'Kemptown Gateway'.

  • The Council’s favoured Option 1 suggests replacing the roundabout with a T Junction.

  • Option 5 remodels the existing roundabout and creates a safe separate link to and from the Old Steine on to the seafront for cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, pedestrians are routed through attractions and shopping areas to the east and west side rather than in the line of road traffic.

3. Retain two way traffic on Madeira Drive

  • Although formally ‘out of scope’ The Council’s Favoured Option 1 makes Madeira Drive one way.

  • Option 5 retains two way traffic with a (weekend peak time only) signalised entry back on to the remodelled Aquarium Roundabout.

4. Retain access, loading and essential parking around the Old Steine.

  • Option 1, removes almost all vehicle loading and access to homes, surgeries and business premises.

  • Option 5 retains loading, access and parking on the east side of the Old Steine and on the south west corner of the Old Steine.

  • National Express Coach pick up / setting down on the south side. Restover on Madeira Drive. A new ‘bike station’ takes over the space at Pool Valley.